Meet the People Who Run the Society

The Society is run by the Trustees, key operational experts, and a team of volunteers. Read on to find out who they are and what they do:-

The Trustees

The Trustees are legally responsible for the Society. They form the core of strategic management team, and lead the strategic development of the Society. Most (but not all) Trustees have a special interest in a particular ‘department’, and lead the Society’s activities in those areas.

Find out more about the Trustees HERE.

The President and Vice-President

The President of the Society is an honorary role, and advises on the long term strategy for the Society. The current President is Thorben Dittes, who is a leading manager in the live classical music scene, and was appointed in January 2021. Read more about Thorben HERE.

The Vice-Presidential role is also an honorary one. We have two Vice-Presidents. Our first Vice-President was appointed in February 2021 and is Stephen Threlfall; he is a very well respected expert in the classical music scene. Read more about Stephen HERE. Our second is Martin Hughes, lead violinist of the Lakeland Sinfonia orchestra and leading director of music festivals around Hexham. Our Vice-Presidents are honorary roles, and are there to provide vast experience in delivering live orchestral music and developing musicians.

Key Operational People

Peter Crompton is the Manager, Librarian (and a fine trumpet player) of the Lakeland Sinfonia orchestra. As well as managing and playing in the orchestra, he has performed solos and duets at our concerts.

Martin Hughes is the Leader of the Lakeland Sinfonia, playing lead violin with the orchestra and as soloist. Martin is also responsible for programming ad scheduling the Lakeland Sinfonia concerts.

Sally Seed is our Marketing Manager and is responsible for managing day to day marketing and publicity, the annual brochure, press releases and social media.

Katharine Carter is the Concert Coordinator. She coordinates all the activity on concert days, helping to ensure that arrangements on stage and behind the scenes meet the needs of the orchestra and soloists.

Our Volunteers

We have several teams of volunteers who help with distributing publicity around the Kendal area, running the pop-up box office in the foyer on concert nights, and helping in the auditorium. Running the Members’ subscription ticket scheme and advanced ticket sales is also heavily dependent on the help of volunteers.