Lakeland Sinfonia Orchestra

Rehearsing with Wyn Davies

Rehearsing with Wyn Davies

The Lakeland Sinfonia is the Society’s own orchestra, comprising musicians from across the north-west of England. They are principally peripatetic instrument teachers, plus retired or semi-retired professional orchestra players. The orchestra is managed by Peter Crompton (who is also the Librarian) and a soloist trumpet player. The Leader is accomplished violin soloist Martin Hughe, and a frequent conductor is the famous Wyn Davies.

The orchestra plays two of the eight concerts each season, each one accopmanied by a highly acclaimed soloist and conductor. For 2019/20 season the orchestra will be joined in November by famous lakeland resident and pianist Martin Roscoe, and in March by the the famous Trio Shaham Erez Wallfisch; orchestra leader Martin Hughes will also be playing as joint soloist in Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins.

The Lakeland Sinfonia orchestra is based in Kendal, where rehersals and performances are held. The photo shows them rehearsing with Wyn Davies (Conductor) and David Routledge (Guest Leader) for its September 2017 concert.

The orchestra is going from strength to strength and is attracting larger and larger audiences. In 2018 their December concert was SOLD OUT and received much acclaim.

The orchestra welcomes new players and new playing opportunities. We would love to hear from aspiring players of all ages.

Llyr Williams (piano) shaking hands with Martin Hughes (leader) at the December 2018 sell out concert.