Looking for Additional Trustees

We are also looking to expand the number of Trustees and various opportunities are available. There’s a really strong feel-good factor that comes from doing your bit to ensure that world famous soloists, conductors and orchestras continue to perform to live audiences in Kendal, and to see our own Lakeland Sinfonia orchestra going from strength to strength. It’s not much work, is great fun, and it’s really rewarding to be involved in making such successful live classical music events happen.

“Kendal is very fortunate to host these world class concerts and it is a privilege to be able to help to bring them to fruition. It Is a great buzz to see the huge audience response on the day! “

Catherine Alexander – our newest Trustee

You would be joining the existing management team, who are:-

Peter Lever – Chair of Trustees
Fraser Rae – Treasurer (retiring)
Sylvia Welberry – Secretariat, Publicity, Front of House
Catherine Alexander – Front of House, Hospitality, Concert Programmes
Gordon Hands – Artists and Musical Content, Backstage, Venue
Charles Fox – Tickets, Marketing, IT, Front of House

In addition, day to day work is done by a marketing manager, bookkeeper, concert coordinator, and IT support team, plus we have a team of volunteers who help on concert nights with meeting and greeting and our pop-up box office.

We are very flexible with our requirements, however it is essential that you are a good communicator, are comfortable with using email, and are ready willing and able to participate in the teamwork which leads and drives the Society behind the scenes. You would be expected to attend most concerts, and mingle with the Members, Friends, Patrons and the concert going public.

The role inevitably comes with great opportunities to meet internationally famous musicians in a social setting on concert nights, and is an unparalleled opportunity to help ensure that live classical orchestral events continue in South Lakeland as the pandemic unwinds. You would also have the opportunity to help shape the Society’s future, and there are additional benefits to be enjoyed.

Trustee meetings are normally held every 3 months and last a couple of hours.

The types of skills and experience we are looking for include:-

  • General management and teamwork
  • Events planning and delivery
  • Classical music, orchestras, musicians, conductors, backstage
  • Marketing
  • Management of IT, and website development
  • Financial oversight (we particularly need a new Treasurer)

To find out more, please contact us via contact@lakelandsinfonia.org.uk and we will arrange for a chat with one of the existing trustees.