Talk 6:30pm Concert 7:30pm

Lakeland Sinfonia
Saturday 30th November 2019

This is one of our 6 subscription series concerts, and is included within a member’s subscription ticket.

Overview: Grieg hated school and would stand under leaking and dripping gutters and downspouts so that he arrived drenched and had to be sent home to change! Thank goodness he survived all this and went on to compose his piano concerto with its unmistakable thunderous opening. With Martin Roscoe as our soloist, we are sure that all of the right notes will be there and in the right order.

Another first Symphony, this time Tchaikovsky. Unlike Mozart who ‘composed as easily as sow’s piddle’, Tchaikovsky struggled with his first and at one stage was composing night and day, causing a doctor to warn his concerned family that the composer was ‘on the verge of insanity.’ It was eventually completed and although not heard as often as his later symphonies, has some delightful moments, especially the memorable folksong inspired slow movement.

This is all after the concert starts with a real buzz!

Phillip Ellis will conduct for the evening……

….. and Lake District resident Martin Roscoe is our soloist

Vaughan Williams: The Wasps Overture
Grieg: Piano Concerto, op. 16
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.1 ‘Winter Day-dreams’, op. 1

For our third concert we welcome our own local orchestra, the much loved and well respected Lakeland Sinfonia. The dark November night will perhaps be forgotten as the Westmorland Hall fills with the sound of wasps, we enjoy the drama and tranquillity of Norwegian fjords, and are encouraged to daydream away the winter. Our conductor on this musical journey is Phillip Ellis, who conducts many operas and ballets as well as symphonic concerts, works widely with community youth and amateur orchestras, and has been conductor for the Birmingham Royal Ballet since 1990.

We begin with a buzz as the Lakeland Sinfonia play Vaughan Williams’ (1872-1958) Wasps Overture from 1909, which was originally part of music for what many people think is the world’s greatest comic play, The Wasps, by the Greek satirical playwright Aristophanes.

We are then joined by our soloist, Martin Roscoe, one of the UK’s best loved pianists, and who lives locally within the Lake District. Renowned for his versatility at the piano, his enduring popularity and the respect in which he is universally held are built on deeply thoughtful musicianship allied to an easy rapport with audiences and fellow musicians alike. Having made over 500 broadcasts, including seven BBC Prom appearances, he is one of the most regularly played pianists on BBC Radio 3.

Martin’s love of the Lake District and hill-walking will shine through as he plays Grieg’s (1843-1907) Piano Concerto, an atmospeheric piece inspired by Norwegian culture and landscape. Written in 1868 when Grieg was just 25 years old, this is his only piano concerto and is one of the most popular pieces of classical music. Later we will hear Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s (1840-93) Symphony No. 1 which was written just 2 years after the Grieg piano concerto by the 26 year old Russian master. This ‘Winter Day-dreams’ work is not played as often as many of Tchaikovsky’s later works, however was described by the composer as being ‘….essentially better and richer in content than many other more mature works.’ Sadly, the sheer effort and struggle of writing the symphony severely damaged Tchaikovsky’s health.