Stradivarius with a diamond

The violin played by Julian Rachlin at our November 9th concert was a Stradivarius; the one known as the ‘Ex-Leibig’. Apparently it is one of the best sounding, though certainly not the most expensive, and has a diamond within the fine tuning mechanism. It certainly sounded good!

Parking at November 9th concert

We have been informed by Kendal Leisure Centre that there will be a swimming gala held at the Leisure Centre on November 9th 2019; the gala is due to end at 7pm and will be winding down as concert-goers arrive from around 6pm. There is expected to be congestion in the car park at the […]

June 2019: New Trustee Appointed

We are pleased to announce that Mrs Catherine Alexander has been appointed as a Trustee for the society. She brings a wealth of legal, financial and managerial experience to help us sustain the concert series well into the future.

April 2019: Grant awarded by local council

We are very pleased to announce that South Lakeland District Council has awarded the Society a grant for the 2019-20 season in recognition of the value that our live classical music concerts bring to the South Lakeland areas. We thank them for their continued support.

March 2019: Arts Council England grant awarded

The Society is grateful to have been awarded a grant by Arts Council England for the 2019-20 season of concerts. The Society has to apply each year, and each year ACE has less and less money to go round all the worthy causes that apply for grants. We are grateful to be able to continue […]

The Friends of the Society

The Society runs a Friends scheme providing an opportunity for supporters to get even more from their music. In return for a donation, the Friends are invited to a social reception at which they have the opportunity to meet the Lakeland Sinfonia orchestra members, the evening’s soloist and conductor,  the Trustees, Patrons, Corporate Sponsors and […]

Tickets for SOLD OUT Concerts

If a concert is ‘Sold Out’ it means that we have no more tickets available for sale. We do not run a ‘waiting list’ for tickets because we do not have the resources to manage one, and due to abuse of the system in the past. RETURNED TICKETS: From time to time people do return […]