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Camerata’s Viennese Night

Overheard prior to the Manchester Camerata’s New Year concert at the Kendal Leisure Centre: “I wouldn’t care if I never heard another note of Strauss or Korngold”. Odd, to say the least! Why spend good money to attend a concert at which, clearly, the Strauss family was going to be strongly represented and possibly Korngold, […]

Lakeland Sinfonia cracked the nut!

During the interval a lady observed, ‘I bet you’ll enjoy writing this one up!’ From the outset and through the orchestra’s musical journey, my sense was that the evening was destined to be quite special. Indeed, as we trooped out into the December chill, I could not but wholeheartedly agree with the many overheard comments […]

what a joyful concert! [RNS 11th Nov 17]

What a joyful concert from the RNS, when they presented 5 out of Bach’s 6 Brandenburg Concertos. Sprightly dance rhythms, thrilling high solo trumpet flourishes, poignant song-like slow movements, nail-biting virtuoso semiquaver runs from the solo harpsichord and violin, and embellished where necessary with historically appropriate and expressive ornamentation. Without a conductor, these wonderful musicians […]

Bach and Gorecki marathon!

The Royal Northern Sinfonia, a regular guest of the Lakeland Sinfonia Concert Society, recently presented a programme consisting of five of Bach’s six Brandenburg concerti and a couple of works by Gorecki. From the perspectives of both audience and players, this represented quite a marathon. The Brandenburgs are infused with a wealth of counterpoint and […]

RNS 7th Oct splendid sell-out concert!

Applause greeted the orchestra’s entrance and, after an elongated pause, the director arrived – a small, bustling figure bounding energetically up the stairs and making his way centre-stage. Renewed applause brought forth the familiar, much-loved response – a couple of deep, comic bows to the audience and his colleagues – and the concert was up […]

Majestic concert to complete the season

The Westmorland Hall’s relatively small stage is only occasionally so crammed full of chairs and music stands as it was when the BBC Philharmonic was the recent guest of the Lakeland Sinfonia Concert Society. Adding to the air of excited expectancy was the array of microphones poised rather menacingly above the stage. A memorable evening […]

Emma Johnson and Lakeland Sinfonia excel!

At the time of the Lakeland Sinfonia’s recent concert we were enjoying the early days of spring and much of the orchestra’s programme was bright, cheerful and optimistic. There were two items, however, that provoked a darker mood, a mood mirrored in the Westmorland Hall’s stage décor, where most of the vertical surfaces are draped with […]

EUCO shows size really doesn’t matter!

Flower arrangements, thirteen music stands, three chairs (and a piano in the background) were the only signs that a concert was shortly to take place in the Westmorland Hall. To the knowledgeable devotees amongst the assembling Lakeland Sinfonia Concert Society’s audience this was normal: the European Union Chamber Orchestra was in town and most of […]

Sumptuous evening of Russian Delights!

The Westmorland Hall was cold that night – too cold, possibly, for the players’ comfort; fingers would be benumbed and stiff; sensitive music-making may be difficult. O ye of little faith, how wrong can we be! The fingers, lungs, brains and hands of the Hallé players and those of their conductor, Louis Langrée, were immune […]

Silver sparkle and zest! Lakeland Sinfonia 10th Dec

There was something different about the atmosphere in the Westmorland Hall prior to the Lakeland Sinfonia’s recent concert. The customary calm, sedate anticipation of an enjoyable evening was replaced by an excited buzz of expectancy; the hall was full, young people and children were there; we elderly, august punters rejoiced. Why was that? The Sinfonia’s […]