New Members & Friends, and Renewals

As you will have read elsewhere, we are determined to hold some concerts in 2021/22, even though we expect to make a very substantial financial loss. COVID-19 still hangs over us, and there are many uncertainties about public health, government guidance and legislation, vaccination certificates, track and trace, social distancing etc etc etc. The membership renewal and ticketing process we have used in recent years will not work in the current circumstances, and has had to be revised. The following arrangements will apply:-

Membership and Friends – Renew Now

Members of the Society in the aborted 2019/20 season had their memberships automatically rolled forward, at zero cost, into the 2020/21 season. The Trustees also rolled forward all Friends of the Society, also at zero cost. Now that concerts are restarting, we are inviting Members and Friends to renew. New Members and Friends are also very welcome indeed.

Members and Friends who do not renew will receive reminders, however will ultimately be removed from the list of Members and list of Friends.

The costs are:
Membership: £10 per adult Member or £5 for a Young Person Member (under 19 or in full-time education).
Friend: The membership fee plus a minimum donation of £75 for a single adult Friend, or £100 for a Joint Adult Friend, or £10 for a Young Person Friend. Payment should be made by bank transfer preferably, or cheque.

The benefits of being a MEMBER of the Society are: the feeling of belonging to the family of concert goers, discounted tickets, ability to purchase tickets before sales open to the general public, best choice of seats, vote at the AGM, elect officials, and have influence over how the Society is run.

The benefits of being a FRIEND of the Society, in addition to Members’ benefits, are: your donation allows us to apply for substantial grants from Arts Council England, opportunities to meet players of the Lakeland Sinfonia soloists and conductors, jointly sponsor two Lakeland Sinfonia concerts per season, social events and networking opportunities, early announcements, a strong voice in how the Society is run.

To join the Society, or renew your Membership and/or Friend status, click this link for the MEMBERSHIP FORM .