Concert dates and ticketing arrangements are published below.
Renew your membership before August 31st to be able to buy tickets from September 1st.

!! WE’RE BACK !! – Concerts from October 16th

We are pleased to announce that we are planning a full series of 8 concerts. Covid-19 has not gone away, so we are taking a very cautious approach; we think this will maximise the chance of our concerts actually going ahead and not having to be cancelled. From September 1st we will be selling tickets for just the October 16th concert, and only members will be able to buy them. Renew your membership from August 9th by clicking HERE.

The first four concerts have been planned in detail, and are designed to give us flexibility in terms of the numbers of musicians on stage, the size of the audience allowed into the auditorium, and the length of the concert. For the second half of the season we hope to have full orchestral programmes, with some very big names indeed on stage. If Covid prevents international travel and our planned orchestras coming to Kendal, then we would aim to put on an alternative concert. The show must go on!

Click HERE to see a list of concert dates and provisional programmes.

Keeping everybody safe is our top priority. Covid-19, social distancing, track and trace, and current and potential government regulations are forcing us to change the way that we handle seating and tickets. We’re working very hard behind the scenes to set up new systems and procedures that will give our loyal Members privileged access to tickets, but they are not ready yet. Watch out for announcements by mid-August.

Coming soon …….

We are grateful for the financial support of the Arts Council England and South Lakeland District Council.

Lakeland Sinfonia Concert Society is UK registered charity 505373.
We bring high quality live classical orchestral music to South Lakeland and North Lancashire.